AW17 Essentials

Winter is about three C’s: Classy, Cosy and comfortable. I must admit, this is not my favourite season (AT ALL) but I still dress the part wether drenched in layers of clothing or a simple white T, jeans and a coat. 

I have chosen 4 winter essentials every woman should have in their closet: blazer, faux mink, mini bag and thigh high boots. The Blazer. 

Nothing screams classy than a blazer, I’m sure everyone can agree with me on this one! Tip: trade a coat for a classic blazer this winter. I’m always on the go, from lectures to meeting then back to lectures, HECTIC! A classic blazer helps me upgrade a normal varsity look to a chic and semi formal look instantly! I’ve searched for a classic blazer for months now and I stumbled upon this blacker at Zara and I fell in love with the pastel flamingo print and the fitted waist that compliment my curves. This is definitely a keeper! Ps. Don’t drag me on Twitter if you see me wearing this blazer more times than I should on insta, lol. 

The Mini bag. 

Okay okay okay, I’m a little bit OBSESSED! This is my current fav this winter! Mini bags tone down a look and eliminates the ability to look too messy (which is a trap people often fall under in winter). I got this cute mini bag from a clothing boutique, Seventytwo. The thigh high boot. 

Sexy with a dose of chic? Yes please!! We spend hours under layers of clothing and leave little room to feel and look sexy. These high high laced boots don’t only make you feel sexy but keeps you warm at the same time. I got these boots last year from YDE and they are still stylish. A classic? I think so. You can dress these up with high waisted jeans and a polo neck or a mini skirt and oversized jersey. Whatever you style these with, feeling sexy is inevitable! The Faux mink 

Who doesn’t like a bit of bourgeois every now and again? I know I do! Faux minks are classic winter essentials- don’t miss out on this! 

Well, that’s all from me. Now I’m going to drown myself in blankets, close my eyes and hopefully wake up in Summer xx 


Skin Treats

 How To Present Your Best Skin To The World!

Skincare plays such a vital role in our lifestyles that it’s so important to find a good regimen for yourself and stay consistent to it, to achieve your best skin. I believe that taking care of oneself adds quality to life and that looking the best you can is a show of respect to those around you. In this article I will be sharing with you a few of my favourite skin treats that I simply cannot live without. I have chosen these skin treats because they are in line with my deep conviction that fine grooming doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. It should be simple, straight forward and intuitive. I have chosen an array of products that I feel truly help in achieving a polished look. It’s quite simple, take care of your skin, look closely at your face, and use effective techniques and you will present your most impeccable self to the world. The Exfoliator

Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells, improves the texture of the skin and promotes cell regeneration. Not exfoliating enough can result in bad breakouts: itmakes the skin incredibly dry which in general makes one look dirty, tired and paunchy! PLEASE EXFOLIATE! This is my favourite step in my weekly regimen, I only exfoliate 3 times a week because over exfoliating irritates the skin a lot. My go to exfoliation product would have to be Dermalogica’s Daily Resurfacer: this is a leave-on exfoliating treatment that helps to brighten and tone the skin, it resurfaces and smooth’s the skin as well. You can find this product at any Dermalogica stockist, it retails for R1,020.00. The Face Mask

There are many different types of face masks, each used for a different purpose. Masks help to boost the skin’s appearance by increasing.  the skin’s hydration, making the skin look firmer and lifted, also giving the skin a smoother and younger look, furthermore masks decrease the appearance of fine lines on the face caused by the sun’s harmful rays. My personal favouriteis the Pure Exfoliate and Refine Clay Mask from L’Oreal: this mask exfoliates and refines the skin in just 10 minutes, not to mention, this unique formula provides a multi-sensorial, fragrant experience while potent pure clays and volcanic rock exfoliate dead skin cells and smooth surface imperfections. My favourite thing about this mask is that it addresses rough and clogged skin to reveal a polished, pore minimized and smooth complexion. You can find this product at any stand-alone L’Oreal stockist, Red Square, Edgars and selected Clicks stores, it retails for R150.00. The Foundation

I am all about achieving a flawless finish, this is why I believe having a liquid foundation on my must have list of skin treats is so important. I use a liquid foundation as a corrective technique, to blur away any skin imperfections and to make sure that I present my best self to the world all the time. I love my skin to have an even finish, when I walk outside people always tell me “wow, you have beautiful skin”, this gives me life. The finish a liquid foundation gives to my skin adds love to the love I already have for my skin. The trick to making make-up look great on your skin, I have discovered, is having healthy skin underneath. Remember, a foundation isn’t to cover imperfections but rather to even out your skin tone. My favourite foundation is the Skin Foundation SPF 15 from Bobbi Brown: it’s a long-wearing liquid foundation that evens skin tone, minimizes the appearance of pores and conceals moderate imperfections. This liquid foundation also has great hydrating properties to it so much so that it leaves the skin feeling cushioned, comfortable and clean- it gives you minimum coverage making the skin feel like itself only perfected. You can find this product at any Bobbi Brown make-up store, it retails for R550.The Body Brush

When it comes to summer beauty I have a very straight forward and practical approach, which is prep now rather than panic later when there is that big reveal when you have to hit the beach with your friends. You don’t want to get caught out with dry and pasty skin. Body brushing, we’ve all heard of it, it is using a brush with quite stiff bristles to work over the skin. Body brushing has a brilliant polishing effect on the skin, my tip to making this work is body brushing every day for a few minutes. Always start from your feet up, with long strokes all over the body. As long as you do it for a couple of minutes each day, you will see a difference, probably within two weeks. My favourite thing about this brush is that it also minimizes the appearance of skin imperfections, the biggest one being cellulite. While we all know there is no cure for cellulite but some things can help, by scrubbing the skin every day it tones up the skin helping to minimize the appearance of cellulite. This product can be found at selected Clicks Stores or online at Anthropologie, it retails for R50/ R250, depending where you choose to buy it.

Closing Advice

There’s no magic to a beautiful complexion. You have to take care of yourself. This will require your time, attention and dedication. Remember, Queen Esther had her skin massaged for a year with body oils before the king found her attractive. This isn’t achieved miraculously overnight but it takes practice, make a deliberate effort to make yourself beautiful every day. When you feel like you look your best, it just gives you so much more confidence, you walk into a room and you’re a light for people.

Article by: Lordian L Mthitshana 

Instagram Page: skincare_with_lordian 


SkinCare: Garnier


New year new me? How about new year new skin! If you have been struggling with dry skin, rash, visible pores and uneven skin, Garnier is the product to use.

There’s nothing more frustrating than dull skin this summer. A happy skin is a happier you therefore taking care of your skin should be top of your list this season.
For years I’ve been struggling with my skin. I’ve never been a person with pimples but I did struggle with visible pores, uneven skin and a hectic rash on my face. With so many skin products one would be confused as to which one really works. I’ve spent thousands of rands chopping and changing skin products and nothing worked until I started using Garnier Pure Active range.

image1. The pure active 3 in 1 is a face wash, scrub and mask. I use it to wash my face daily. After the first wash my skin was left feeling fresher and cleaner almost immediately. I use it as a face mask twice a week. This really helped me. It is enriched with white clay and helps mattify my skin and leaves it feeling softer and brighter.image 2.Refreshing toner. This is so important to use after the face wash. It is enriched with lotus flower and moringa extracts leaving my skin even and looking brighter. I’ve never been so satisfied with a product such as this toner. Trust me it works. My skin is looking brighter with one skin tone. With this product, there’s absolutely no need to wear foundation on a daily. image3. Micellar cleansing water. This is perfect for one of those lazy moments after a night out. This cleansing water not only cleanses and purifies but acts as makeup remover. No rinsing. It for  combination of oily and sensitive skin.

You can see results of the Garnier Pure Active range after a week of using it constantly. Magic? I think so! This has helped me boost my confidence. Leaving me feeling and looking my best with no makeup at all.

Every Monday will be dedicated to bring exciting new ways to improve your skin. Call it..mask Monday. I don’t know. But our skins are about to be LIT. Xx


My Go-to summer look

imageOrange is the new black… Right? As we kiss 2016 goodbye, it is time to go brighter and bolder! As seen on most of our favorite makeup artists, celebrities and makeup Youtubers, burnt orange is a thing.
Some would associate orange with winter but orange is becoming more of a trend this summer season. imageI am not a makeup guru nor am I a makeup artist but I do love a bit of glam here and there. This summer I have fallen IN LOVE with the burnt orange makeup look! I must say, I’m obsessed!

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Orange does not only add a pop of colour to a dull outfit, it also complements all skin tones adding depth and mystery to your eyes. This orange makeup trend is ideal for any occasion and any mood.

imageTo create the look on my eyes I used the eyeshadow palette from LA Girl. So affordable especially for a student like me ( you can get this at any Dischem stores).image To finish off a perfect eye, never forget eyelashes. Now some of you might think eyelashes are a bit over the top but trust me, they make a difference especially when you are going for an evening glam. I have used Eylure eyelashes (Texture 117) to ensure fuller lashes. These are available at any Clicks stores. image

This look did not come easy (lol) it needed practice but this gets easier when I watch makeup tutorials by my FAVORITE South African makeup youtuber, Cynthia Gwebu (love her!)

Makeup is not about changing the way you look but rather enhancing the beauty that you already have. So do not be afraid to experiment with makeup, don’t hold back. 2017 is a year to go bigger and better xx

Goodbye 2016| Hello 2017

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2017. A new year… Ooouuu!
A new year is not just a new year. It is a beginning. It is refreshing, liberating, encouraging. 365 decisions. 365 chances.

If I would say 2016 was a breeze I would be lying. It was tough! Really tough. I made friends, I lost friends. I made good decisions and really really bad ones too. However the biggest tragedy in 2016 was on the 3rd of February when I lost my father. That was painful. I was left with 2 older sisters, 1 younger brother and a grandmother. I had to grow up very fast. It was the beginning of a long journey to independence. What I learnt from 2016 that has definitely shaped the woman I am today is patience.imageSPIRITUAL JOURNEY
– Its just unimaginable how fickle life is. We could be here today and gone tomorrow but worse yet is when someone we really love departs from us. Well, I have experienced the sense of loss at a very tender age. It has taught me to value each moment. Through that I learnt patience within my spiritual journey. I saw things in a different light, I started to understand life therefore opening doors to abundant blessings.

Indeed friends are the family we choose. It’s very important to surround yourself with good energy, good aura and vibrations. For your human to vibrate with his/her human. I’m very unlucky when it comes to friends but 2016 has taught me to be patient with humans. To understand humans. To understand myself so I can understand what I need in my life and what makes me happy. Patience helped me through that. I have amazing, I have amazing sisters. Sisterhood is so important!


I am currently a student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) studying Visual Arts and majoring in fashion and textile design (pew what a mouthful lol). 2016 was definitely the hardest year academically. I almost even dropped out! But I didn’t because I decided to take a tragedy and turn it into an opportunity. I started a blog, I took pictures, bought clothes, travelled, kept a journal and wrote about my life: fashion. Having a fashion and lifestyle blog is greatly related to what I study making it much easier to do and trust me BLOGGING IS NOT EASY. Also, being a successful blogger is even harder! It needs patience. In 2016 I learnt that rushing into things will never get me anywhere. Trying to keep up with other bloggers, their lifestyle, their content etc will not make me authentic at all. I decided to take blogging one step at a time. To find myself. To explore my being. To read more. Travel to get inspiration. I am so excited for my career in 2017 (I wish I could share my goals and resolutions lol but I’ll have to keep that a secret for now). All I have to say is 2017 you were NEVER ready!

Note to 21 year old self: Imagine yourself without self-doubt, self-hate and poor self-esteem. Imagine yourself braver, more trusting, freer, more spontaneous, more relaxed. Imagine yourself out there in the world, sharing who you are with others. Picture yourself with an unshakable confidence, a rock solid self-esteem and the ability to bounce back from failure and criticism, not crumpled but better for it. You are ready. Spread your wings and fly black girl FLY 💫

The White Shirt

imageAs natural as blue jeans, as refined as a ball gown, the white shirt runs its own lane in the fashion industry. imageMasculinity is the wrong word to use when describing a white shirt in the 21st century. Ideally the white shirt would be associated with males especially those in high positions in the workplace but the modern women have taken back their control also in the fashion industry. Who says a white shirt cannot look sophisticated AND sexy?imageThe classic white shirt is the new trend this summer. CATCH THE WAVE LADIES! Unbuttoned with exagerrated sleeves or cut into a cold shoulder dress, the look will guarantee turning heads. imageI have done my own DIY trendy shirt (seen in the photographs). I simply took an ordinary white shirt (has to be a bit bigger than your original size to guarantee a comfortable fit) buttoned it without wearing the sleeves, took the sleeves forward and tied a knot. Voilà . I’m very big in DIY’s so ladies never feel the pressure to constantly buy when you can make it at home and still slay.

I have paired my white shirt (Zara) with a denim mini skirt (Zara), black lace up heels (Legit) and a red bandana chocker. image

TIP: A white shirt always looks great with denim and a bold lip/shoe/accessory. Try to stay away from wearing white on white. This is something people usually get drawn to do which is not always the best look because the whites won’t look the same (Snow White, off white, cream etc) and the look ends up looking clumsy.

Ph: Lwando Mxutu
Stylist: Naso Nguza
Creative director: Aluve Nguza

Even if

imageimageimageimageHere lies a body of a woman, lifeless with nothing but vague memories haunting her yet the need to know crushes her soul to nothing but dust. She exhales his breath, gets dressed only to merely hide the imprinted finger prints on her body, drowns in her favored perfume to hide the embarrassment oozing out of her pores, she heads out and flashes us with her enchanting smile. “Who is this woman?” One would ask. She would respond ” no, who are these women” Mother dearest, is this normal? Pain caused by a creature called a man? Did this creature commands you to bend over too? Did he sneak up behind you and rip your underwear only to insert a lifetime curse on you too? Oh please tell me because I am confused. IAre my hips, my warm and nurturing demeanor, curves and lumps a leading door to undeserved seconds of pleasure? Oh please tell me because I can gladly rip my soft skin off and hand it over to you to toy with however you like. But I need to know, why? imageMan, it was nice for you huh? To take advantage of a young girl walking home. You thought “Ahh fresh, naive and young” and pleasure you surely did get. Me? I was left with wounded knees from the carpet, with hatred not only for you who I see prance freely with a title of the most respected man in the city, but hatred for my father to have been a man, myself for swallowing your poisonous saliva, my little boy who I might give birth to, my future husband, my voice for not being louder, my legs for giving up on me and not running faster and and and.

I told myself ” shhh you dare not tell anyone. Look at him? His own daughter praises him as her hero. What were you doing walking alone at 1am anyway? What did you think would happen? Sooner or later someone was going to take advantage of you with that top you were wearing”. image

It’s seldom for me to say “I was raped” because I am ashamed. This does not only apply to me but thousands of women across the world. It still boggles me how someone would feel some sort of pleasure from a scream or a cry for help. Even if I was naked, even if we are married, even if I was drunk, even if you hate me, even if.
Do you not have a heart? Were we not made by the same God?

With a recent case (amongst many) of a young woman from my varsity who was raped, I could not take it anymore. It saddens me that only a handful of people knew about this incident. I was mad and asked myself, women why do we let these men do this to us and then continue to allow them to silence us? Then I remembered I myself am a rape victim and although I know who the man is, I still remained quiet. A lot of why’s infiltrate my mind on a daily basis. Why? Why? There is a lot to be mad about.


In my days of darkness I found solace in Maya Angelou and her warm and comforting words.
My favorite poem by her:

” You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don’t you take it awful hard
‘Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
Diggin’ in my own back yard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history’s shame
I rise
Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
I rise
I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.” – Maya Angelou

Is being a woman a curse? There are so many questions that need answers in this world that we live in. The past year and a half have been so tough. Learning to love myself again, learning to trust again, learning to be comfortable around men again. I must admit I’ve still got a long way to go.

But hold on my sisters.
It is said that with every tear comes redemption. I am going to heal. Women, we are going to heal.

I have decided to reconstruct my blog because I’ve finally found my purpose and that is to tell untold stories, not only mine but OURS. I’m a narrator at heart and trust me, there is a lot I have to say.

ph: uLonwabo photography

creative director: Aluve Nguza & Naso Nguza

instagram @thatcoffeebeangirl