The White Shirt

imageAs natural as blue jeans, as refined as a ball gown, the white shirt runs its own lane in the fashion industry. imageMasculinity is the wrong word to use when describing a white shirt in the 21st century. Ideally the white shirt would be associated with males especially those in high positions in the workplace but the modern women have taken back their control also in the fashion industry. Who says a white shirt cannot look sophisticated AND sexy?imageThe classic white shirt is the new trend this summer. CATCH THE WAVE LADIES! Unbuttoned with exagerrated sleeves or cut into a cold shoulder dress, the look will guarantee turning heads. imageI have done my own DIY trendy shirt (seen in the photographs). I simply took an ordinary white shirt (has to be a bit bigger than your original size to guarantee a comfortable fit) buttoned it without wearing the sleeves, took the sleeves forward and tied a knot. Voil√† . I’m very big in DIY’s so ladies never feel the pressure to constantly buy when you can make it at home and still slay.

I have paired my white shirt (Zara) with a denim mini skirt (Zara), black lace up heels (Legit) and a red bandana chocker. image

TIP: A white shirt always looks great with denim and a bold lip/shoe/accessory. Try to stay away from wearing white on white. This is something people usually get drawn to do which is not always the best look because the whites won’t look the same (Snow White, off white, cream etc) and the look ends up looking clumsy.

Ph: Lwando Mxutu
Stylist: Naso Nguza
Creative director: Aluve Nguza