AW17 Essentials

Winter is about three C’s: Classy, Cosy and comfortable. I must admit, this is not my favourite season (AT ALL) but I still dress the part wether drenched in layers of clothing or a simple white T, jeans and a coat. 

I have chosen 4 winter essentials every woman should have in their closet: blazer, faux mink, mini bag and thigh high boots. The Blazer. 

Nothing screams classy than a blazer, I’m sure everyone can agree with me on this one! Tip: trade a coat for a classic blazer this winter. I’m always on the go, from lectures to meeting then back to lectures, HECTIC! A classic blazer helps me upgrade a normal varsity look to a chic and semi formal look instantly! I’ve searched for a classic blazer for months now and I stumbled upon this blacker at Zara and I fell in love with the pastel flamingo print and the fitted waist that compliment my curves. This is definitely a keeper! Ps. Don’t drag me on Twitter if you see me wearing this blazer more times than I should on insta, lol. 

The Mini bag. 

Okay okay okay, I’m a little bit OBSESSED! This is my current fav this winter! Mini bags tone down a look and eliminates the ability to look too messy (which is a trap people often fall under in winter). I got this cute mini bag from a clothing boutique, Seventytwo. The thigh high boot. 

Sexy with a dose of chic? Yes please!! We spend hours under layers of clothing and leave little room to feel and look sexy. These high high laced boots don’t only make you feel sexy but keeps you warm at the same time. I got these boots last year from YDE and they are still stylish. A classic? I think so. You can dress these up with high waisted jeans and a polo neck or a mini skirt and oversized jersey. Whatever you style these with, feeling sexy is inevitable! The Faux mink 

Who doesn’t like a bit of bourgeois every now and again? I know I do! Faux minks are classic winter essentials- don’t miss out on this! 

Well, that’s all from me. Now I’m going to drown myself in blankets, close my eyes and hopefully wake up in Summer xx 


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