SkinCare: Garnier


New year new me? How about new year new skin! If you have been struggling with dry skin, rash, visible pores and uneven skin, Garnier is the product to use.

There’s nothing more frustrating than dull skin this summer. A happy skin is a happier you therefore taking care of your skin should be top of your list this season.
For years I’ve been struggling with my skin. I’ve never been a person with pimples but I did struggle with visible pores, uneven skin and a hectic rash on my face. With so many skin products one would be confused as to which one really works. I’ve spent thousands of rands chopping and changing skin products and nothing worked until I started using Garnier Pure Active range.

image1. The pure active 3 in 1 is a face wash, scrub and mask. I use it to wash my face daily. After the first wash my skin was left feeling fresher and cleaner almost immediately. I use it as a face mask twice a week. This really helped me. It is enriched with white clay and helps mattify my skin and leaves it feeling softer and brighter.image 2.Refreshing toner. This is so important to use after the face wash. It is enriched with lotus flower and moringa extracts leaving my skin even and looking brighter. I’ve never been so satisfied with a product such as this toner. Trust me it works. My skin is looking brighter with one skin tone. With this product, there’s absolutely no need to wear foundation on a daily. image3. Micellar cleansing water. This is perfect for one of those lazy moments after a night out. This cleansing water not only cleanses and purifies but acts as makeup remover. No rinsing. It for  combination of oily and sensitive skin.

You can see results of the Garnier Pure Active range after a week of using it constantly. Magic? I think so! This has helped me boost my confidence. Leaving me feeling and looking my best with no makeup at all.

Every Monday will be dedicated to bring exciting new ways to improve your skin. Call it..mask Monday. I don’t know. But our skins are about to be LIT. Xx



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