Goodbye 2016| Hello 2017

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2017. A new year… Ooouuu!
A new year is not just a new year. It is a beginning. It is refreshing, liberating, encouraging. 365 decisions. 365 chances.

If I would say 2016 was a breeze I would be lying. It was tough! Really tough. I made friends, I lost friends. I made good decisions and really really bad ones too. However the biggest tragedy in 2016 was on the 3rd of February when I lost my father. That was painful. I was left with 2 older sisters, 1 younger brother and a grandmother. I had to grow up very fast. It was the beginning of a long journey to independence. What I learnt from 2016 that has definitely shaped the woman I am today is patience.imageSPIRITUAL JOURNEY
– Its just unimaginable how fickle life is. We could be here today and gone tomorrow but worse yet is when someone we really love departs from us. Well, I have experienced the sense of loss at a very tender age. It has taught me to value each moment. Through that I learnt patience within my spiritual journey. I saw things in a different light, I started to understand life therefore opening doors to abundant blessings.

Indeed friends are the family we choose. It’s very important to surround yourself with good energy, good aura and vibrations. For your human to vibrate with his/her human. I’m very unlucky when it comes to friends but 2016 has taught me to be patient with humans. To understand humans. To understand myself so I can understand what I need in my life and what makes me happy. Patience helped me through that. I have amazing, I have amazing sisters. Sisterhood is so important!


I am currently a student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) studying Visual Arts and majoring in fashion and textile design (pew what a mouthful lol). 2016 was definitely the hardest year academically. I almost even dropped out! But I didn’t because I decided to take a tragedy and turn it into an opportunity. I started a blog, I took pictures, bought clothes, travelled, kept a journal and wrote about my life: fashion. Having a fashion and lifestyle blog is greatly related to what I study making it much easier to do and trust me BLOGGING IS NOT EASY. Also, being a successful blogger is even harder! It needs patience. In 2016 I learnt that rushing into things will never get me anywhere. Trying to keep up with other bloggers, their lifestyle, their content etc will not make me authentic at all. I decided to take blogging one step at a time. To find myself. To explore my being. To read more. Travel to get inspiration. I am so excited for my career in 2017 (I wish I could share my goals and resolutions lol but I’ll have to keep that a secret for now). All I have to say is 2017 you were NEVER ready!

Note to 21 year old self: Imagine yourself without self-doubt, self-hate and poor self-esteem. Imagine yourself braver, more trusting, freer, more spontaneous, more relaxed. Imagine yourself out there in the world, sharing who you are with others. Picture yourself with an unshakable confidence, a rock solid self-esteem and the ability to bounce back from failure and criticism, not crumpled but better for it. You are ready. Spread your wings and fly black girl FLY ๐Ÿ’ซ


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