Tony “Goom”

  Self-portraitist Tony Gum (20) is not only charming by site, she is an amazing visual artist and her work is grounded by black consciousness to make beautiful stories and a masterful grasp of colour and composition.  
 “I did art as a subject at school because it was a natural choice; I was always around art growing up” she tells Destiny Magazine.  

 Tony is not only recognized in South Africa but throughout the world. Her compositions have been put up in various galleries and art fairs such the Pulse Contemporary Art Fair in New York and a feature on both the USA and UK Vogue.  

   I first fell in love with Tony when I came across her Coca Cola composition. I must say I had no idea who this young lady was but as a coke addict I was drawn almost immediately. She soon became one of many people I stalk on a daily. I am personally fascinated by her ability to take historical and current affairs and visually illustrate them through self portraits. Tony has a theme to her feed ( Instagram: Tony_gum) which mixes beautiful neutral and pastel colors which I, in fact, am in love with. When talking about being creative and cool, Tony is your gal. 
As a creative I know I have a lot of ideas bouncing up and down my brain but I have been chained by fear of criticism and rejection. Seeing a young lady, same age as I am, making such waves is so inspiring. She is cool, quirky, weird,creative, inspiring and she totally makes sense. You can read up on her on the latest Destiny Magazine ( youth issue) to find out more about this artsy fartsy retro girl. 

By the way, I’d like to apologize for the long wait. I must admit, juggling a blog plus a demanding degree such as Visual Arts is a lot. However i will try my best to post weekly. Also, I have gotten a lot of reviews and suggestions about thatcoffeebeangirl and I have listened. For future posts I will add more content to my posts. Thank you for the continuous support. 

Love and Light. 



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