World, Meet Ayanda Kanise 

  Name: Ayanda Kanise 

Age: 19 

Style icon: Trevor Stuurman 

  I met this incredibly charismatic young man 4 years ago and I was immediately mesmerized by his warm aura, his taste in music and killer closet. World, meet Ayanda Kanise.  
 Describe yourself in 5 words: 

Ambitious, narcissistic, fun, artistic, cool. 

Tell us about your style: 

I am very artistic and I draw a lot of my style from Tony Gum and Trevor Stuurman. I am so in love with them. I have a good eye for fashion but I keep it very simple with colors and tones. I love minimalistic, edgy straight cuts and neutral colors. 

Where are you from and do you think your home town had any influence to your sense of fashion ? 

I was born in PE but moved from town to town growing up. I was raised by a single parent and my mom was studying and chasing her dream and through traveling,  I adapted to so many different cultures which made my style what it is today.  

 When did you fall in love with fashion? 

I was exposed to art at a very young age. In high school ( Lyttelton Manor High School) I was very involved in drama and art. I used to be part of a lot of school plays, I was in a musical band and I also used to draw. Being exposed to this I fell in love with colour, tones, texture and the history of art. 

  What do you think of the street style ? 
I am so in love with it. ” That’s the problem with you new school cats, took your old style from Malumkoolkat” as AKA would say. I think today’s street wear is so edgy, futuristic and cool. The idea of taking sport wear and making it okay to wear casually is so futuristic. That inspired my adidas tracksuit look. Thank you Malumkoolkat!  

   Asexual? Tell us about that. 

Dictionary definition: a person who has no sexual feelings or desires. I struggled a lot with my sexuality where I felt like I did not belong. I found myself having to fake being straight, fake being gay and I totally lost myself mainly because I was scared of being judged, descriminated or misunderstood because I was asexual. Fact is that is me, I am asexual.  

 You are known as the Aux King. Why is that? 

I think I have a great ear. I would not say I have a specific genre but I like what I like. 


Jai Paul-Jasmine

Alicia Keys- in common

Kaytranada ft Anderson .Paak-Glowed up

Drake ft Wizkid&Kyla- One Dance

Caiphua Semenya-Angelina

Rihanna-Sex with me


Mi Casa ft Euphonik-Don’t wanna be your friend

Nonku Phiri- Things we do in the Weekend

Beyoncé – Sorry

O.T Genasis ft Young Dolph

NAO ft Abhi Dijon-Adore you

Branko ft Nonku Phiri & Mr Carmack 

Lorde-Buzzcut season

(Kaytranada edition) Azealia Banks ft Pharell- Atm jam 

Oliver Mtukudzi-Toddi


IG: Ayanda.kan ; thatcoffeebeangirl ; Lwando_m 

Ph: Lwando_m 


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