Style Diary

  Yes, this is the occasional #girlproblem almost every girl experiences now and again🚨. You go out during the day wearing a bomb ass outfit then that “what are you doing later” text comes in an hour before the “I’m outside” text arrives. What do you do? 🚑This is the part where I run to my neatly done wardrobe and throw everything on the floor only to convince myself, while shedding a tear, that I ACTUALLY do not have any clothes.😓  
  However, this doesn’t have to tax your style. 💁🏽

There are easy pieces that wear well no matter what the time of day, keeping you chic around the clock. 

This trendy bomber jacket can take you from a casual look (off to lunch) when paired with jeans, tank top and sneakers to formal-casual (sun downers or supper) when paired with a simple heel and a cute purse.   

TIP: Im never in colour, this is something I just realized about myself. Wearing the same tones (black, grey, white etc) can get rather repetitive and boring💤 therefore a pop of colour would do the trick! Something like a bold lip, shoe or bag would be perfect. 

Bomber jacket: JayJays 

Top: Adidas 

Skirt: Woolworths 

Sneakers: Adidas

Purse: Forever New 

Lipstick: Mac 

 Ph: Lwando_m

IG: thatcoffeebeangirl 


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